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Over 1,000x as secure as a password.

74% of account breaches are due to weak passwords. Mindpass is available at account log-in, creation and change-password to protect all users, not just the tech savvy ones.


More memorable for all user types.

Your users are struggling with password recall and recovery. This leads to password crack time vulnerabilities and password recovery phishing. Mindpass fixes that.


Passwords waste time and cause frustration.

Quick, seamless logins lead to quick, happy transactions. Mindpass provides that in an on the fly tool that's available to all users at account log-in, creation and change-password.

 How it works

You recommend password security tools, but studies show that only 3/100 people use them. That's because they require installation steps.

The Mindpass option is provided seamlessly during account log-in, creation and change-password, vastly increasing user engagement in high security practice. Think of us as automated mnemonics.

See the above video for a demonstration of Mindpass in action.

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