Mindpass - End the Password, 1000X Security Spatial Authentication | Mindpass
Mindpass Enterprise Authentication - End the Password, 1000X Security Spatial Authentication | Mindpass

A business-grade authentication system designed to
harness how our brains have actually evolved to work.

Stop letting passwords hold you back.

We get it. Online security is serious business. Breaches can be extremely costly, disasterous for your business, and 74% of them are due to password failures. It’s easy to lose sleep when you know your security is only as good as your users’ passwords. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Mindpass replaces your users’ passwords with a system that takes advantage of the kind of complexity their brains were designed to understand—spacial memory. Simply select 4 items in a virtual 3D environment, and that’s it—it’s over 1000 times more secure.

Intuitive to use

Mindpass harnesses our brain’s extraordinary capacity for complex spatial memory, making superior password security as intuitive as navigating your own home.

Easy to set up

Mindpass is completely compatible with your existing password infrastructure and can be deployed to all of your users with only 2 lines of code.

1000x more secure

Mindpass is packed with so many more entropic factors than a typical alphanumeric password, it makes worrying about password security a thing of the past.

 How it works.

  1. Click the Mindpass icon

  2. Select 4 objects in your virtual 3D environment

  3. Let Mindpass infill your hyper-secure login info

Mindpass Password Management

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